Flying Red Bull

The brand I am going to talk about is Red Bull. I guess everybody knows it, right? If you search it, wiki will tell you it is “the most popular energy drink in the world” produced in Austria. Yet you will see Thailand is also its birthplace. Curious? Here is the backstory.

When entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz once traveled to Thailand, he saw the tuk-tuk (a motor vehicle with three wheels used as a taxi in Thailand) drivers kept drinking something to keep energized throughout the day. This beverage was called Krating Daeng, meaning Red Gaur in English. He was inspired and then began the Red Bull business.

Mateschitz is a genius in marketing. He created one of the most successful beverage stories in the last decade. Two points can be taken out of the Red Bull story. One is to embrace the right audience, and the other is to follow a unique communication strategy. The microfilm below will tell you more about its brand idea.

This microfilm brings the core Red Bull spirits to us, which are energetic, adventurous, and creative. But still, you may ask, “What the story that Red Bull wants to tell us?” In fact, they did not TELL you. They SHOW you. As Eva Snijders said, all the stories Red Bull shares to the world are based on the things they actually do.

Red Bull does not sponsor events. Instead, they innovate. What Red Bull invest is not only money, but also ideas. Watch Behind the Scenes of “The Athlete Machine”, and you will understand it. Red Bull wrote the play, gathered athletes, and performed miracles. It took about two years to complete the final shooting. In the period, failures always happened, but no one gave up. Its brand personality shows all around, whether on or off the screen.

When I first watched the Red Bull Kluge, I simply thought its target was the young and the restless. But indeed, it was not the case. According to Red Bull promotion planning made by Kastner & Partners, Red Bull’s consumers are “not determined by a demographic, but by a state of mind.” Its loyal customers are “physically and mentally fit and wide awake.”

From the short film, we can see that it is purely fun that drives all the professionals and amateurs to devote themselves to the Red Bull brand. Did you know? Red Bull has more than 250 approvals among top athletes. However, there is no single written contract. How can Red Bull establish such a delicate relationship with its public? The slogan may offer us a clue, which is Red Bull gives you wings.

Red Bull gives wings to people and ideas. It proves to you through the microfilm with actions that seems impossible to be accomplished and the incredible combination of people and machines. When athletes are doing stunt shows in the air, it does seem like wings are spreading upon their shoulders. The brand itself, in my mind, is a red bull that keeps flying and never stops.

9 thoughts on “Flying Red Bull

  1. After watching this microfilm, all i know is but red bull makes man energetic. Although what the athlete had done did not impress me, this film works.
    i thought red bull as just drink. i find red bull marvelous after told what they had done.

  2. Interesting topic. After watching this video, I have to say it is really creative and I really want to drink a bottle of Red Bull now. The video did not directly something directly about Red Bull, but all of the people and actions in this video could create a kind of feeling- energy or passion. that is also the theme of this brand. I like Red Bull very much, but I have never seen this video before.

    • If you check Red Bull website, there are tons of videos about their sports shows. As I said in the post, they do not tell the story. They show you, what they have already done. This one is neat because of the idea. Red Bull combines people, sports, and machines. I like the creativity.

  3. A cool video!!! I remember I’ve seen this kind of method to show the spirit of a product before(it’s a commercial about a Car brand but I forgot which brand LOL)
    But compare to red bull video, the video image that the car ad has delivered is totally different. I can feel the energy, make me want to take an adventure. But the image that the car ad delivered let us learn that the company are serious to every car they make. How amazing~

  4. Personally, I love energy drinks but have never really been interested in Red Bull. However, after reading your blog about Red Bull and watching its movie I feel the need to invest my time in the product. I agree that the company itself does not promote the product but the outcomes and feelings after drinking a Red Bull. I was not aware of Red Bull’s way of getting their name out there and that they have so many approvals among athletes without a contract! That says something about their product. And once more, I agree with what you said about how Red Bull gives people wings to create ideas. Before reading this I thought that Red Bull was just a company that sold energy drinks, now I realize that it is much more than that.

  5. Though the video is long, it successfully drew the audiences attention to the drink… the extreme sports is so attractive that i couldnt take my eye off. It kept going until the axes cut the ice showed the Red Bull can!

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